Salutaire system – healthy air in your home

Are you wondering what is behind the health benefits of the Salutaire system? It is primarily the use of dolomite and other minerals. The use of correctly selected mineral deposits – mainly dolomite – which air is in contact with  is the secret of the Salutaire system.

How does the system help to improve quality of the air at home ? The level of chemical compounds, primarily smog gases, carbon dioxide,Radon( is a radioactive gas) as well as fungi and various types of allergens that are in the air are reduced by mineral deposits. Dolomite and other deposits used contain microelements, macroelements, as well as ultra-microelements that the human body needs to function properly. Magnesium and calcium ensure a high level of air purity as well as its ionisation. These features simply mean that the Salutaire system is superior to other ground heat exchanger systems.

Properties and use of dolomite

Nature gives us health and happiness, provided that we can use it well.
In the era of progressive civilisation, diseases and an increasingly accelerating lifestyle, the Salutaire system provides us with the beneficial effects of dolomites to our homes, businesses, multi-storey, residential buildings and wherever it is important that we can live in a healthier, cleaner environment.
Mineral deposits reduce the levels of harmful chemicals in the air – mainly carbon dioxide and smog gases. The deposits used, the core of which is dolomite, are extremely rich in macronutrients, microelements and ultra-microelements necessary for the proper functioning of our organisms. Optimal magnesium and calcium content guarantee increased hygiene and favorable air ionisation.
The health properties of dolomite have been known for centuries – the ancient Romans used dolomite to build aqueducts and water tanks – so that the water remained clean and healthy. We currently use dolomite, for example in water mineralizers used in our homes, as well as in the pharmaceutical or food industries.
We rarely ask ourselves “how important is air?” It is invisible, we breathe in unconditionally, without considering the essence of its existence or the quality of what we actually breath in .
Let’s answer one important question, human being can survive up to a month without food, only a few days without water, but without air exactly- just a few minutes

How to get rid of allergens from our home?

The Salutaire system guarantees healthy and hygienic air in your home every day. The health properties of the air passed through the Salutaire system have been confirmed by independent research of 30/04/2018, which was carried out by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw. A significant decrease in the concentration of bacteria in the air by 98% and fungi by 99% was found. Tests that confirmed the health properties of the ground heat exchanger system were performed on a 2-year active installation.
Choosing the right ventilation system when building your home should be a priority. The trick, however, is to choose a ventilation system that cleans the air, provides heat in winter, coolness in summer, and get free energy from the ground, bringing real savings. If we are aware that we spend 50% of our time at home and health is the most important thing, then we will certainly focus on a modern and innovative solution, which is, Salutaire system.
In addition of providing heating in winter and coolness in the summer, the system performs an additional very important function – it reduces the level of smog, fungi and allergens and enriches the air with micro, macro and ultra-micro elements.
100% supplementation – Gift of Nature!
This is very important in the era of air pollution that exceeds the permissible standards many times in both winter and summer. Upper respiratory tract diseases that last for months are the nightmare of most parents, and allergy was already recognised as a civilization disease years ago.
It is worth eliminating at least those harmful factors that we are able to do by choosing Saluitare.

Health and safety.

Thanks to properly selected and built-in rock mineral deposits (dolomite base), process take place , which the air becomes biologically and chemically purer and is enriched with macro, micro and ultra-micro elements in ionic form, to which then air is transformed into our home.
Test results confirm that the Salutaire system is safe and also provides healthy and clean air at home. The air needed for analysis was taken before the Ground heat exchanger was installed. The results lead to the conclusion that this system has neutralising properties, which means that the supply and exhaust installation maintains the appropriate parameters, and also function without problems for almost a lifetime.