• ventilation
  • air heating and cooling function
  • preparing domestic hot water
  • air cleaning
  • protection of the building ventilation against the ingress of harmful chemicals
  • protection of the building ventilation against the ingress of radioactive Rn-222 Radon
  • healthy and hygienic air in your home, 99% less bacteria and 98% less fungi
  • lower allergen levels in the inhaled air
  • supporting the body with ultra, micro and macro elements (dolomite mineral deposits, their optimal concentration strengthens the body’s natural defence and revitalisation powers)
  • – maximum extraction of heat in winter and cold in summer from the ground, thanks to the reversion module
  • uses free geothermal energy, reducing heating bills
  • self-cleansing properties of the supply ventilation installation – no mites
  • pleasant coolness in the summer without using harmful air conditioners
  • air dehumidification in summer, humidification in winter
  • automatic maintenance of heat exchanger cleanliness by flushing the deposits and the PP elements with water
  • the possibility of increasing the cooling capacity of the heat exchanger thanks to the water regeneration system
  • system based on four patented solutions

The above qualities in combination with ionisation make the Salutaire System the only so versatile system in the world so far.